The Scarsdale Baseball Club (SBC) is a non-profit, community-based organization focused on the development and cultivation of Scarsdale High School baseball players in 9th-12th grades through a rigorous, consistent, multi-season program of clinics, drills

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SBC offers several pre-season preparation programs.   There are two separate offerings. One is Strength and Conditioning and the other is Skills based. You can register for one or both.

Starting in early November, SBC offers the baseball Strength and Conditioning Training.  The program is conveniently held after school session in the SHS Fitness Center.  


SBC is proud to partner with Devin Hoover to offer our players a dynamic strength training and conditioning program.  Devin helped design and start our Strength offering in 2013 and has generated lots of enthusiasm for the program. He is excited to be working with Varsity Coach Scholl to develop a unique program for our players.

It takes place several weekdays each week (frequency is based on registration interest) from 5:00-6:30 pm.  There are two six week sessions: Nov- Jan and Jan - Mar.

The sessions include warm-ups, basic strength development, sport-specific strength development, power/explosive development, shoulder pre-hab and stability work, and specialized programs for pitchers.  

This program has been very successful with session participants seeing an average strength gain (as measured in increase in max lifts pre session to post session) of  between 15 - 20% and have even approached close to 40% for some in just 12 sessions!