The Scarsdale Baseball Club (SBC) is a non-profit, community-based organization focused on the development and cultivation of Scarsdale High School baseball players in 9th-12th grades through a rigorous, consistent, multi-season program of clinics, drills

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Grievance Procedure

The SBC is a Scarsdale Independent Sports Organization (ISO) certified by the Scarsdale Village Parks and Recreation Committee (PRC) and as such has a formal grievance procedure.

The SBC recognizes that issues can emerge which may require the formal attention of the Board. SBC members, both parents and players, are encouraged to contact the Board President (or other officers) regarding any grievances.

Grievances are, to the extent possible, treated as confidential matters. The Board will consider grievances as part of the regular monthly Board meeting (or sooner if necessary) and the relevant officer will respond directly to the individual or family which submitted the grievance.

The grievance process is not meant to substitute for the regular evaluation process which follows each season/program.  Grievances, feedback or concerns should be communicated  as soon as they arise.   Please feel free to contact any of the SBC Board Members (emails on separate tab) or to contact the Parks & Recreation Supervisor directly at .